Dec 132011
Published December 13, 2011

AKFIN has obtained saltwater sport fish charter logbook data from ADF&G for years 2000 through 2010. These logbook data include information on charter boat guides and their clients as well as information on fishing effort and catch by species.

Mar 192011
Published March 19, 2011

The 2010 Fish Ticket data are now available in the Comprehensive_FT. The years of 1997 to 2009 have also been updated. The SA_Crab_Fishery and Crab_Fishery variables have been updated to exclude the 4 state tanner crab permits.

Jan 062011
Published January 6, 2011

The data for the following have been updated.

  • Blend_CA

  • PSC

  • WPR

  • OBS

  • Nontarget

  • Data are available for these Comprehensives through the end of 2010.